Exclusive Q&A with Shark Tank’s Investors

Exclusive Q&A with Shark Tank’s Investors

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The 6 Waves to Watch in the World of Crowdfunding

Given the relatively recent arrival of the crowdfunding wave to the market, following its future iterations is sure to provide interesting insights. . 1. Crowdfunding will continue to grow. 2. More industries will cutout the middle 3. Larger emphasis on social-media driven marketing 4. More money will be invested in crowdfunding opportunities 5. Niche platforms…

Make It Wearable Winners

Make It Wearable Winners

  Drumroll please… The winner of Intel’sMake It Wearable development track is:Nixie, a wearable, flying selfie-cam!Yes, the above image is a rendering a Yes, the above image is a rendering and at first glance it may look like a bulky piece of hardware, but the latest prototype is rather elegant. This was definitely in my…

Funding 101: How to Position Your Startup as a Good Investment

Raising money for your startup is an ongoing concern for first-time (and often, long-time) business owners.The fact is: securing money can be a challenge. If you're looking to secure outside money from sources beyond friends and family, here are some tips to position your venture as a good investment: Know what investors want. Investors are…



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